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  • The Next Wave of Mobile Demand

    The Next Wave of Mobile Demand

      Late last night, I emailed my friend and colleague Ryan Cole, editor of Unconventional Wealth, about a Reuters article I came across: Amazon's heavy investing eats into bottom li ...

  • 3 ETF Picks for True (crazy) Contrarians

    3 ETF Picks for True (crazy) Contrarians

      The markets have been a little bit wild, of late... and investors are starting to get a bit nervous. But Barron's argues that the real problem today is that everybody is a contra ...

  • Predictions for Apple Inc.

    Predictions for Apple Inc.

    "After reading your latest column ahead of Google's (NASDAQ:GOOGL) earnings release, I followed the stock price and was amazed how accurate your prediction turned out to be – it wa ...

  • Three Mistakes “Professionals” Make You Can Avoid

    Three Mistakes “Professionals” Make Yo...

    I recently returned from Las Vegas after a week-long trip to visit some friends and play some relatively high-stakes poker games in conjunction with the World Series of Poker. Thin ...

Why Amazon’s Whiff Changes Everything

Why Amazon’s Whiff Changes Everything

Last week, shares of Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) took a tumble. The Wall Street darling actually fell 10 percent in a single trading day as the ...

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