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Contrarian Advantage

Benefit from the Market’s Misperceptions

As the name implies, Contrarian Advantage isn’t like your run of the mill, typical financial newsletters.   Written by Brett Owens, his goal is to provide you with a distinct advantage. You won’t hear Brett rehashing what the talking heads are spewing as sound investments or what Wall Street is pushing.

As Brett says, “I could care less what they have to say, and so should you.”

You see, what most investors fail to realize is that you can’t get rich by following the masses or the herd. All too often investors are caught up in what the masses are doing.

They panic because they think if they don’t do what everyone else is doing, they’ll miss out. They don’t understand how market misperceptions work. The truth is, too often, investors get into an investment at the wrong time, at the wrong price, and miss out on most of the gains, anyway.

In addition, when you follow this “herd” type of approach, you aren’t in control of your financial destiny. You are more or less at the beck and call of Wall Street.

To make money in the markets, you have to take a contrarian stance.  Each month in Contrarian Advantage Brett will show you how to take advantage of market misperceptions. Because it’s those misperceptions that can be turned into extraordinary opportunities.

People who followed Brett’s recommendations had the chance to make a killing. For instance…

  • In 2009, his research pointed to a rally in three specific — yet often ignored — commodities: cotton, sugar and orange juice. All three at least doubled after his recommendations. Cotton went up 304%.
  • He called the gold bull market as early as 2008 with great success. One particular gold investment Brett  recommended soared over 278%.
  • He discovered an under-the-radar software company that developed a program essential to a number of the largest insurance companies in America. Those who followed that recommendation have nearly doubled their money in less than a year and a half.

To learn more about the latest contrarian investment strategy from Contrarian Advantage, click here.

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