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Have You Heard of the “Ten Hills Technique”? A Natural Gas Reserve Breakthrough!

Publisher’s Note: Today, we continue our weekly Spotlight on Editor Zach Scheidt. In today’s article, Zach reveals a patented reverse-mining technology that has cemented a virtual monopoly for one surprising company and how you can bank big gains by getting in before word gets out.

Some say it creates an unfair advantage. I say, who cares? There are BILLIONS of dollars at stake.

I’ll let Zach take it from here….

At the crossroads of interstates 70 and 79 lies the town of Washington, Pennsylvania.

At first glance, there isn’t much remarkable about this small town, nestled in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania.

But take a look at the local newspaper’s website and you’ll see something residents of other small towns don’t: an entire page devoted to Marcellus Shale drilling.

You see, Washington sits at the epicenter of the vaunted Marcellus Shale deposit. It’s big news there.

But there’s one thing everyone is missing about Washington and everywhere else they drill for natural gas:

The biggest winner in the natural gas market is a company that hasn’t drilled a single well… and never will.

It’s a unique reverse-mining operation that has sealed its virtual monopoly in a larger industry.

I know that’s a bold statement. But this company has the PERFECT business model.

When I first uncovered the secret technology this company is using, I was dumbfounded. It’s genius.

And people are starting to take notice. Here’s what this company’s stock has done since November 2012.

Chart: This company's stock has had 38% gain in just nine months

Share Price is on the move!

That’s right, almost a 38% gain in just nine months!

That’s why I’m writing you today… because time is quickly running out before everyone knows about this company.

When the masses do find out, share prices could soar through the roof… and your chance at big gains may be gone forever.

The good news is… for now, this company is STILL severely undervalued. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because this reverse miner also sends out quarterly dividend checks like clockwork. That’s right, you could get paid to sit back and watch as your investment grows!

And it’s all thanks to its dominance in…

The Hidden Natural Gas Reserve Market

If you’ve spent any time online recently, you’ve no doubt read about America’s resurgence in oil and natural gas production. If you had been savvy enough to get in on this rush 10 years ago, you’d probably be sitting on a mountain of cash right now.

But if you didn’t… and think you’ve missed out on getting in on the natural gas revolution… the next few minutes could change your financial future for decades to come. Because…

I’ve discovered a company that’s exploiting a hidden natural gas reserve without the use of conventional drilling or dangerous fracking.

Instead, it uses a special reverse-mining technique I call the Ten Hills Technique.

If you’ve never heard about the Ten Hills Technique, that’s okay. The truth is most people haven’t.

Let me bring you up to speed. It all started around 1975 in a small community in California, just down the road from Los Angeles.

It’s no secret that California is an early adopter of environmentally friendly activities. And this time the state got it right.

Because this little community was the first in the United States to use the special reverse natural gas mining technique to power its entire town.

And the company I’ll reveal to you in just a few minutes has perfected the technique with staggering results.

In fact, it’s so good at it that it patented the method… slamming the door on its competitors from being able to use it.

Unlike regular drilling that depends on large natural reserves of gas to make it worthwhile… reverse mining doesn’t have that problem.

The sections in red on this map show where reverse mining can be done in the United States.

Image: Map of the United States

That’s right… it can be done everywhere. And that flexibility opened the doors for the company I’ve found to do reverse mining all over the country.

The best news is it doesn’t even matter if natural gas prices hit historical highs or lows. This company stands to make money either way.

What it’s doing is so ingenious and creates such an unfair advantage that it seems criminal.

But I assure you, it’s 100% legal.

In fact, some local governments across the country have gone out of their way to eliminate its competition.

Government-Backed Riches

Let’s face it, the government wields tremendous power. It can make or break a company with the single stroke of a pen.

And it’s no secret that it will do whatever it takes to have things go its way.

The good news is the company I’ll reveal to you today is on the receiving end of some of the biggest sweetheart deals in its industry.

Over the years it has managed to grab exclusive contracts for its services through aggressive negotiations. Not just in the United States, but throughout North America.

Some people have gone as far as to accuse the company of bribery.

In Seattle, the city government even changed a piece of municipal code to ensure that there is next to no competition for the company using the Ten Hills Technique.

Was it bribery? Does it have an unfair advantage? Maybe it does, but I say, who cares?  There are billions of dollars at stake here. The truth is no matter what, it means that this company is dominant.

And dominance means big profits.

Profits the company is more than happy to pay out as dividends to savvy investors who see the true genius of what it’s up to. And now you can be on the list to receive those dividend payouts if you follow my recommendation.

And remember… its share price has started to take off too. So in essence this company could be paying YOU to make money. It’s the reason I’m its biggest fan!

Amazingly enough, the service this company provides has nothing to do with the traditional natural gas industry.

Yet it’s quietly become a major player in the resource market by using the Ten Hills Technique.

I’ll show you how to get all the details in my special investment report “The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market.”

But first let me show you why…

I’m Not Like the Rest

Hi. My name is Zachary Scheidt. I’m the editor of Income & Dividend Report, a world-class financial advisory research service dedicated to showing ordinary readers extraordinary returns.

You may have never heard of me, and that’s okay. To be honest, the last thing I’m looking to do is have my face splashed all over TV or the Internet. It’s just not my style.

I’ve always been perfectly happy being the man behind the scenes. Because I learned long ago that it’s not how many people know you that matters in investing.

It’s how much money you help people make.

That’s why, when I took a job 13 years ago as an analyst at a prestigious hedge fund in my hometown of Atlanta, I thought I had found my dream job. And for a while, it seemed as if I had.

I loved it there… I literally ate, slept and breathed investing. And much to the delight of my wealthy clients, I had a knack for making money. So much so that by the time I decided to leave, I was running two separate funds with well over $100 million in assets.

I’m not telling you this to brag. I just want you know that when it comes to helping people achieve wealth, I have experience most editors could only dream about.

But despite my success at the office… and all the accolades I received, I had one big problem with my job.

And that was TIME.

Because you don’t have the kind of success I did without putting in the hours… and I mean a lot of them.

Every day, I would get up at 4 a.m. so I could be in the office by 6. And I rarely, if ever, made it home before it was time to put my kids to bed.

I’m a family man above all else, and it was getting harder and harder for me to keep missing milestone events in my kids’ lives. Recitals… soccer games… plays.

I was just too busy to make it to most of them.

Then, early one morning, as I huddled in the bathroom to shave, I looked in the mirror and realized I needed a change.

I talked to a friend about looking for a different career. One that didn’t require 16-hour worksdays.

He said that, before I left the investing world altogether, I should talk to Sandy Franks at Contrarian Profits, a highly respected financial publishing company located in Baltimore.

A few short hours later, my phone rang, and Sandy was on the other end. During our conversation, she asked me if I’d ever considered running a research advisory service, and I flat out told her no. It was the truth.

In fact, up until that time, I barely knew they existed… so I was a little skeptical.

But after a long talk, there were two things that intrigued me about joining Contrarian Profits.

First, I could make my own hours while still making a good living doing something I loved. That really got my attention. No more missed events. No more seeing the disappointment in my family’s eyes as I pushed back a vacation one more time.

I could be a dad again.

And second, instead of helping wealthy people make more money… I had the opportunity to help good folks just like you achieve great wealth.

I couldn’t think of a better way to pay forward the good fortune I enjoyed over the years than to show people who truly needed money… how to make more than they ever dreamed of.

Not long after that, I was on a plane to Baltimore to plan my first issue of Income & Dividend Report.

Start Building Your Fortune Today

I’m excited to tell you about the company behind the Ten Hills Technique today because it’s one of the best opportunities out there right now.

Let’s face it… great fortunes haven’t been built by just buying low and selling high though.

The truth is, if you believe that you’d be better served going to the horse track, closing your eyes, picking a horse and hoping you don’t get the old hag, you’re wrong. It’s a gamble. A gamble that benefits only the house.

Instead… some of the greatest investment fortunes, such as those of billionaire investors Warren Buffett and Jeremy Siegel, have been built by buying companies that pay you to own them and whose share prices grow at the same time.

Companies that do both of those things at once are rare… but they’re also the foundation of countless fortunes.

Investing in them is like building a pyramid of wealth one share at a time. Except that, in this case, the pyramid never stops growing.

My job at Income & Dividend Report is to find companies that will help my readers multiply their wealth by meeting this two-pronged requirement.

It’s the secret to wealth building that 99% of the investment professionals out there will never tell you… because it doesn’t make THEM rich.

The truth is… most financial gurus are good at selling you the dream of a comfortable retirement. They’ll tell you they know the path to financial security. And they’ll promise they can get you there in days. And it all sounds great.

But most of them fall flat when it comes to DELIVERING those dreams.

Because it’s impossible to do it in just days or weeks as they promise.

And truthfully, even if you gave them years they couldn’t do it. They don’t have what it takes to show you true financial security.

But since 2009, I’ve actually been delivering those dreams to my readers.

Readers of The New Growth Investor who followed my recommendations had the chance to cash in on gains such as 88% on TransDigm Group, 11% on Silver Wheaton and as much as 64% on Gannett Co.

And that’s just the gains on the stocks themselves.

It doesn’t even factor in the countless number of checks they’ve received just for owning some of these companies. Checks they could put to use paying bills. Or checks they can use to turbo-charge their accounts by buying more shares.

It’s called compounding, and it’s one of the secrets to building incredible wealth.

I’ll show you how it works, along with everything the Income & Dividend Report has to offer, in just a minute.

But before I do, let me give you the details why the Ten Hills Technique is the perfect way for you to experience the power of the Income & Dividend Report firsthand…

The “Ten Hills” Invisible Wall

Walls serve as protection. Whether it’s to keep something or someone in… or out… their purpose doesn’t change.

And it doesn’t matter if the wall is one you can see or if it’s invisible. The purpose is still the same.

The Ten Hills Technique is a wall too. Only, in this instance, it’s not a wall you can see.

But there is something very clear about its function. It’s meant to keep something out: the competition!

Because what most brokers are missing about this gem is just how unfair an advantage it has over other companies.

In fact, the Ten Hills Technique is just one tool in an arsenal that it has used to secure a place as the largest company in its business sector in North America.

Not only is it incredibly good at its core business, but with the Ten Hills Technique, this company operates with substantially reduced costs in parts of its business.

How can other companies compete with it when it runs some of its operations at such low costs?

Easy… they can’t! They’re not even playing the same game.

That’s why I’m so excited about this opportunity.

This company has perfected the secret to reverse mining and is using it to flat out crush the competition.

Reverse-Mining Riches

Forgive me if I’m a little coy about describing the nuts and bolts of what exactly reverse mining is and how it works. But I’m doing so for three good reasons.

First, in order to protect your chance at seeing maximum gains on this company, the fewer people who know about it, the better. If I’m not careful, this story will show up everywhere, and your chance to get in before the word gets out will be gone forever.

Second, I want only serious, investment-minded folks to get all of the information I’ve put together on this company.

And third, if I shared all the gritty details with you on how reverse mining for natural gas works, I’d probably bore you to death. But I realize to truly appreciate what this company does, you need a little more detail about its patented technique. So here it goes…

In its simplest form, reverse mining is the process of taking a resource that virtually everyone places zero value on, burying it in a specially designed container and then applying a complex extraction technique to mine the natural gas it produces.

As I said… it’s not terribly exciting. But here’s something that is… In fact, it’s a game changer.

The company recently estimated that the raw material it buries could produce $40 billion in energy.

That’s not a typo. $40 BILLION per year in energy.

Remember, this company is not a mining company.  It doesn’t sell the gas it produces.

So creating $40 billion of energy is like throwing billions of dollars right to the bottom line. Billions of dollars it can use to slam the door even further on the competition.

Just as importantly, billions of dollars they could pay out as dividends.

But unlike drillers that operate under the reality that their supplies will eventually run out… this company’s feedstock will never go away.

And the kicker is… it gets PAID nearly $14 billion per year to take the feedstock it uses in its Ten Hills Technique.

I’ll tell you everything about this revolutionary process in your free report “The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market.”

You can reserve your copy in just a minute. But first, let me tell you why this situation is so unique from just about anything you’ve ever seen before.

Anatomy of the Ultimate Resource Monopoly

You and I know that natural gas prices are hovering near 10-year lows.

So why am I so excited about a company that can create a virtually unlimited supply of it?

The simple answer is that this company doesn’t sell it. It converts natural gas into electricity.

Right now, the company has 131 sites that can convert the gas to electricity. And that number is planned to grow to 160 projects by the end of this year.

The company creates enough electricity by burning the gas it produces to power more than 1.2 million households. And it plans to up that number to 2 million homes by 2020.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This company also uses the reverse-mined gas it produces to power more than 2,000 trucks in its fleet and is in the process of switching over 18,000 more of its vehicles.

The ability to run trucks on natural gas is setting this company apart from all others.

Most of the competition has to pay to fill up its fleet vehicles with diesel fuel. At last check, diesel was as high as $3.92 per gallon in the U.S.

And because the technology is patented, the competition can’t use the highly advanced method this company uses.

The ability to power its plants and fleet with virtually free gas is a game changer. Do you see just how unfair this could be to another company trying to compete in its space?

But this company’s unfair advantage doesn’t end there. You see, state- and local-level governments like nothing more than to pick a single low-cost provider for services they use.

And with this company’s ability to price at levels far below the competition, local and state governments will soon be clamoring to take advantage of this company’s low prices. The outcome is all but guaranteed.

I realize it goes against capitalism and greatly favors the big dogs. Call it dirty… un-American, even. I call it a government-sponsored monopoly in its simplest form.

But if you’re smart enough to be holding shares in this company, you’ll call it a moneymaker. And don’t forget, this company is a “virtual income machine” for you too… sending quarterly dividend checks that yield 3.4% right now.

That’s money you can use to turbo-charge your account by buying more shares… or money you can use to give your wife the vacation of her dreams.

And by using what I refer to as the Ten Hills Technique, the company I’m about to reveal to you has secured enough contracts that it has become the largest company of its kind in the United States.

It’s become a virtual monopoly by capitalizing on its resources.

Even in cities where it doesn’t win contracts, the winning provider sometimes has to pay this company to take the feedstock.

It easily converts this feedstock into more natural gas to power its own vehicles. And it creates electricity to run its own facilities or to sell back to the grid.

That’s right. The competition literally pays it to become more efficient and more competitive.

And remember, local officials literally hand it EXCLUSIVE contracts and PAY it to take their feedstock.

That’s hands-down the best business model I’ve ever seen in my career.

The company has the two essential factors necessary to help you build great wealth.

It’s poised for big gains AND it can pay you a strong dividend as it grows.

That’s the two-pronged approach to wealth building that all the recommended stocks in my Income & Dividend Report aim to deliver.

And it’s why you need to act now.

I’d like to send you the FREE special report “The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market.”

In this report, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this hot opportunity, including the ticker symbol, the buy price and all of the exciting details about how the Ten Hills Technique can help you bank serious gains.

To get instant access to the report, all you have to do is give my research advisory service, the Income & Dividend Report, a risk-free try.

Just for You

There’s one thing I’ll stake my reputation on… the Income & Dividend Report is unlike anything else you’ll find in the financial publishing industry.

As I said before… I don’t believe it’s possible to build lasting wealth by shooting for the stars. While 1,000% gains look good in print… they’re nearly impossible to find.

The truth is they come about once in a lifetime, and that’s if you’re extremely lucky.

And if you’ve ever been hooked by someone hawking a service like that, I’m sure you probably found out the hard way that I’m right.

Instead… I recommend a safer, more complete, two-pronged approach.

First… I look for safe, growing companies that are flying under the radar of Wall Street.

I do that for one very important reason. Because companies that are on the verge of breaking out can deliver life-changing gains.

But at the same time, I also look for companies that can pay steady income checks in the form of dividends. Rock-solid, recurring money that you can count on.

You can think of it as getting paid to wait for big gains.

And I promise you, if you decide to follow my research, you’ll be impressed with the results I deliver. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because YOUR SUCCESS is the yardstick by which I measure my success.

Delivering Your Financial Dreams

I want you to realize your financial dreams. And in order to do that, you need to take a complete approach to investing.

I’m going to make it easy for you to do.

I promise you will get only the best, easy-to-execute income-building strategies. Strategies that have been proven over time to work.

Strategies like the “Seven Pillars of Dividend Investing”. The Seven Pillars are the foundation of a proprietary screening system. I perfected this strategy when I was managing over $100 million in assets, and I still use it every time I recommend a stock.

It’s my bible.

I’ll show you all Seven Pillars and much more in my free special investment report “Your Guide to the Best Dividend Stocks in the Market.”

It’s yours absolutely free when you join me today.

But I’m just getting started…

When you join the Income & Dividend Report, you’ll also get immediate access to all three of my current portfolios. Each one is a little different, but all the companies are there for the same purpose… to help you achieve financial security.

Imagine not having to live paycheck to paycheck… or not worrying if you were ever going to be able to retire. It’s all possible.

And to get you there, the Income & Dividend Report comes with three recommended portfolios… one to suit almost everyone’s tolerance for risk.

  • The Lifetime Income Portfolio… these are your bread-and-butter companies. Companies that are rock solid and consistently pay out dividends.

  • The Current Income Portfolio… just as simple as the Lifetime Income Portfolio, but it features companies that kick out higher yields. Perfect plays for when you want a serious source of income you can use immediately.

  • The Speculative Income Portfolio… this portfolio is for opportunities that are simply too good to pass up. If you have a little cowboy in you, you’ll love the opportunities I reveal to you here.

Every month, you’ll get actionable research that includes why I think an opportunity is the best to help you maximize your investment income.

And along with that opportunity, I’ll also send you market analysis that could affect our open positions.

You’ll also get updates on every stock in all three recommended portfolios.

I’ll even tell you when you can expect the dividend checks.

Everything you’ll get from me today, such as the free reports, “The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market” and “Your Guide to the Best Dividend Stocks in the Market,” are the keys to buiding lasting wealth.

When you get your hands on your very first issue of the Income & Dividend Report, you’ll be thrilled to see just how powerful research of this caliber can be for achieving your dreams.

Best of all, it’s easy to do!

And to be extra sure you understand the power that the Income & Dividend Report can give you, here’s how you can…

Exploit Another Virtual Monopoly

Just a few minutes ago, I showed you just how big the opportunity is for the company using the Ten Hills Technique. All thanks to what I call a “government-sponsored monopoly.”

Well, believe it or not… it isn’t the only company out there with a stranglehold on the competition. Not even close. What if there were a way you could actually make money by having Uncle Sam pay you rent?

Well, I’ve found it.

A company that owns 82 properties in 31 states, including Washington, D.C.

And its primary tenant? You got it… Uncle Sam.

This company rents out property to 34 U.S. government agencies, along with several state governments… and even the United Nations.

In fact, nearly all of its rental income is paid by Uncle Sam.

And the kicker is… it  pays virtually no corporate tax thanks to a law its largest tenant passed.

Cozy or crooked? I say who cares, because right now, its dividend yield is a whopping 6.8%.

This is the best way I’ve ever found to take back a little of what Uncle Sam takes from you.

All the details you need to know about this opportunity are in my special report “Make the Government Pay You Rent: Collect 6.8% As Uncle Sam’s Landlord!”

And when you throw in “The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market” and “Your Guide to the Best Dividend Stocks in the Market,” I don’t think you’ll find a more complete set of financial tools anywhere.

By now you’re probably wondering how much all this costs. Well, that’s the best part! Be prepared for one last surprise…

Affordable Wealth

How much would you pay to realize your financial dreams?

$1,000 per year? $1,500?

Just a few short years ago, before I left the hedge fund business, you would have needed $1 million in cash just to get a meeting with me.

But remember… things have changed. I want EVERYONE to be able to benefit from my wealth-building tools.

So I’m not even going to ask you to pay a fraction of what you think you’d have to. Not $1000… not $500… and not even the $129 published price.

Today you can join the Income & Dividend Report for a mere $49 per year. And you can try it out risk-free!

That means for less than 14 cents per day, you’ll get the best income and dividend opportunities the market has to offer.

And remember… when you join, you’ll immediately get:

Image: Report Cover - The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market
Image: Check  Special Investment Report #1: “The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market”
Image: Check  Special Investment Report #2: “Your Guide to the Best Dividend Stocks in the Market”
Image: Report Cover - Your Guide to the Best Dividend Stocks in the Market
Image: Report Cover - Make the Government Pay You Rent: Collect 6.8% As Uncle Sam's Landlord!
Image: Check  Special Investment Report #3: “Make the Government Pay You Rent: Collect 6.8% As Uncle Sam’s Landlord!”


All three are absolutely free when you join me today. It’s my way of thanking you for becoming a part of the Income & Dividend Report.

But that’s not all.

When you join today, I’ll also give you…

Private Access

As a member of the Income & Dividend Report, you’ll enjoy private access to my members-only website. This site is chock-full of just what you would expect from a high-quality research service.

When you log in you’ll find portfolio updates, special investment articles and unlimited access to all of the special reports I’ve ever published.

Reports just like the “The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market.” Reports that you can put to use right away to grow your wealth.

And the members-only website is a perfect way for you to get crucial information in a timely manner… when it’s convenient for you.

But it’s not the only way!

When you join me today, you’ll also get all my:

  • Flash Alerts – Every day, I still wake up at 4 a.m. and scour the markets for what is about to happen at opening bell. If anything in one of our positions changes, you’ll get an email detailing what action you need to take. Forget about being trapped at your monitor waiting for something to change… I have you covered!

  • Weekly Updates – Once a week, you’ll get an email from me letting you know what’s going on in the world of high-yield opportunities. More importantly, you’ll get updates on each of the recommendations I’ve made so that you’re up-to-date on where they stand.

  • 12 Issues of the Income & Dividend Report – Every month, I’ll send you a new issue packed full of the best income opportunities available anywhere.

And to show you how much I believe in what I do…

I Give You My Word and My Personal Guarantee

Try the Income & Dividend Report for the next 90 days.

Read all my special reports, including:

  • “Your Guide to the Best Dividend Stocks in the Market”

  • “The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market”

  • “Make the Government Pay You Rent: Collect 6.8% As Uncle Sam’s Landlord!”

Dive in and enjoy yourself.

If you are not absolutely thrilled and delighted for any reason in the first three months, just say the word and I’ll give you a full and prompt refund… a 100% refund… no questions asked.

Even if you decide to cancel your subscription, you can keep everything you receive, including all three special reports.

It’s just my way of saying thank you for giving me the chance to earn your trust.

But remember, you can give it a try for 62% off the published price for only a limited time.

Don’t miss out. Grab your spot now.

Special Note: As an added bonus, if you join me today, I’ll also send you a free bonus report. It’s called “The Ultimate Dividend Stock for 2013 and Beyond.” Not only does the company I’ll reveal kick off big dividends, but I also expect its share price to grow like wildfire on top of it. It’s another way for you to experience the win-win power that the Income & Dividend Report delivers.

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