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Rogue Capitalists Daily

Rogue Capitalists Daily

When I look up the definition of “rogue,” I’m greeted with everything from “anomalous and unpredictable” to “playfully mischievous.” Then there’s the darker side: “dangerous and vicious.”

Rogue waves are massive water monoliths that arise from nowhere to sink ships and wreak havoc.

Rogue animals, such as lone wolves or elephants, are vicious animals that lead separate lives from the herd.

It’s not all bad, in my mind.

You see, going rogue allows you to be nimble, quick, efficient and dangerous. From a ninja infiltrating a castle to a raptor diving for a kill, it’s a way of life for apex predators. The same can’t be said of the herd – a lumbering, inefficient group that behaves foolishly and consistently makes poor choices.

The markets and the herd are irrational and inefficient because people are emotional creatures too easily manipulated by their own fear and greed. This herd mentality is exactly what leads them to make poor investing decisions.

If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always received. And for most investors, that means subpar performance and a dawning realization that someone else is enjoying the good life that should have been yours.

It’s exactly why we’re ditching the pleasantries. It’s the only way we can make a difference in helping average investors achieve their piece of the American dream. We’re going to upset the status quo, and we’re not afraid of whom we’ll piss off in the process.

A rogue fights convention and deviates from the norm. Exactly how we need to think as investors.

We’re happy to stand in opposition to everything that the herd represents.

If you’re reading this, you might be too. Chances are you’re as passionate about stocks and investing as our staff is. It doesn’t matter if you’re managing your retirement or just starting out.

Rogue Capitalists Daily gives you daily perspective on the markets and market-beating investment ideas. After all, it doesn’t matter where you are in your life. We can all use good, actionable stock plays capable of delivering 30%, 50%, even 100% gains in weeks, not years.

Because who has time to wait anymore?

Our goals are simple: profits and long-term wealth by all means necessary. The greatest weapon we have against failure and tired “conventional” thinking is information and ideas.

We hope you’ll join us.

Stay profitable,
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Alexander Wissel

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